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ICAR-National Institute (formerly Centre) of Agricultural Economics and Policy Research (NIAP) was established by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) in March 1991 to strengthen agricultural economics and policy research in the national agricultural research system. Application of principles of economics in planning and evaluation of agricultural R&D and policy research to promote science-led agricultural and rural development have been the main goals of ICAR-NIAP. The Institute is committed to provide a leadership role in strengthening agricultural policy research, undertaking empirically sound policy research, and providing knowledge-based input for policy decisions. The Institute also acts as a think tank of ICAR and helps it to actively participate in policy making.

Thrust Areas

To realize its vision of 'leveraging innovations and policy for agricultural development' the Institute focuses on following key areas:

Significant Achievements

Research Highlights

Impact of Information on Returns from Farming

Investment on agricultural research and development has considerable potential for enhancing farm productivity and reducingpoverty. A 12% higher net income for information users translates into an additional income ofRs 1140 per hectare of cropped area at 2002-03 prices. This is much higher than the expenditure on public extension services (Rs 29/ha), and also on the research and education (Rs 157/ha). This indicates that investment in public extension sector has not kept pace with the rising demand for information by the farmers, and implies that under-investment in public extension may limit realization of the potential gains in agricultural productivity from spending more on agricultural research......read more

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