Dr.  Usha Ahuja


Dr. Usha obtained the Ph.D. degree in Dairy Economics from National Dairy Research Institute Karnal(Haryana) in 1989 .The title of her thesis was “Efficiency and Productivity of Capital in Public/cooperative sector dairy plants”.  She obtained her M.Sc. degree in the discipline of Dairy Economics from National Dairy Research Institute Karnal (Haryana) in 1981.   Usha joined as Scientist (Agricultural Economics) in April 1986 at Central Arid Zone Research Institute (CAZRI) Jodhpur (Raj) and worked there for more than 21years. During her stay at CAZRI from 1986-2007 she conducted research on agricultural issues related to arid zone. She joined National Centre for Agricultural Economics and Policy Research (NCAP) New Delhi, India in 2007 and presently working as Principal Scientist there. Usha in her initial period in NCAP worked on Gender Budgeting in agriculture and now pursuing research on mainstreaming gender in agriculture.  Usha has contributed several research papers in national / international journals / conferences / workshops / seminars. Some publications in last 5 years are listed below.

List of  Publications          

1.      Ahuja Usha Rani and Ahuja D.B. (2010). Pace and Pattern of Vegetable cultivation  in India.Agricultural Situation in India.LXVI(13)703-708


2.      D. B. Ahuja , U. R. Ahuja ,R. K. Kalyan  Y. K. Sharma , A. Dhandapani And P. C. Meena(2009)       Evaluation of different management strategies for Lipaphis  pseudobrassicae(Davis)  on Brassica juncea in International Journal of Pest Management Vol.55,No.1,Jan-March2009,11-18


3.      Painuli, D.K.  and Ahuja, Usha Rani.(2009) Farmers’ Perception on Tillage and Residue Management in Arid Zone of Rajasthan “– A Diagnostic Survey- in the proceedings of4th World


4.      Patel, A.K, Mathur, B.K, Rohila, R.P, Usha Rani and N.V, Patil (2009) Comparative Analysis of different Management Systems in arid goat breeds. The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences Vol.79, No.5pp514-517.


5.      Usha Ahuja, D.K Panuali & A.Waris (2009)   the conservation practices in Arid agriculture:-Farmers’ perspective. Poster presentation  international conference on nurturing arid zones for people and the environment: issues and agenda for the 21ist century at CAZRI, Jodhpur  from 24.11.09 to 28.11.09


6.      Ahuja, D.B., Rajpurohit T.S., Singh, Malalm, Z.S. Solanki , R.K. Kalyan, U. Rani Ahuja and M.M. Sundria.2009. Development of integrated pest management technology for sesame and its evaluation in farmer participatory mode. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences. 79:808-12

7.      Pratibha Tewari,Z.D.Kavia,Usha Rani,Vandana Kaushik, Amtul Waris  and Savita Singhal(2009)Policy Intervention and Social auditing of Work in Pursuit of Women in Agriculture,published in the proceedings of Natonal Seminar on Women in Agriculture,4-5December 2009at DWRA,Bhubaneswar.p14


8.      Amtul Waris,  Usha Rani,B.K.Mathur&M.Patidar(2009)transfer of Technology to members of selected SHGs in arid areas of Rajasthan, published in the proceedings of Natonal Seminar on Women in Agriculture,4-5December 2009at DWRA,Bhubaneswar p15

9.    Rajni Jain,Alka Arora& Usha Ahuja(2009)Knowledge Acquisition using     Clustering ;A    case study to diagnose ICT empowerment of women farmers.


10.      Usha Ahuja, Ram Singh, P.K Joshi & Neelu Nanwani (2009)    Micro Irrigation: Economics and   outreach in Haryana state ,book chapter for a book to be published by IWMI- Tata Policy Research Program


11.      Ahuja,D.B.,Kalyan,R.K.,Ahuja,U.R.,Singh,S.K.,Sundria,M.M.a  Dhandapani, A.   (2008) Integrated Management Strategy for Painted Bug, Bagrada hilaris (Burm.) Inflicting Injury at Seedling Stage of Mustard (Brassica juncea) in Arid Western Rajasthan. Pesticide Research Journal 20:2. (Accepted for Publication)


12.  Ahuja, D.B., R.K. Kalyan, S.K.Singh and U. Rani. (2008) Effect of Native Flora of Indian (Thar) Desert on the Development and Survival of Beat Armyworm, Spodoptera exigua (Hubner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). J.Insect Science21.


13.  Usha Ahuja (2008) Yield gap analysis and prioritization of constraints in the production of major dry land crops of Rajasthan. Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics.Vol 63, No3.


14.  Ahuja,Usha Rani, M.A.Khan and G.S.Jodha(2007) “ Socio-economic Impact  of a Watershed in Hot Arid Region in the proceedings of the Conference on environmental and Livelihood Security through Resource Management in Northern India pp113-114 edited by A.K.Tewari,V.K.Bhat,Pawan Sharma,Pratap Singh,S.L.Arya,R.P.Yadav and Ram Prasad.


15.      Usha Rani, G.S Jodha, P.K.Saraswat (2006) “Impact of Irrigation on livelihood pattern of Arid Zone”. Proceedings of      National Seminar on Livelihood Security and diversified Farming System in Arid Region, 14-16 January.p


16.      Usha Rani Ahuja, Amtul Waris, P.S Shekhawat, G.S Jodha and P.K.Saraswat (2006) “Prioritization of Production Constraints-A Study of Arid Zone of Western Rajasthan.” proceedings of  National convention on Knowledge Driven Agricultural Development Management of Change, 24-26 march .p36


17.      Amtul Waris. Usha Rani Ahuja(2006) “Human Resource Development Needs of Farm Women for Sustainability of Arid Agriculture” proceedings of  National convention on Knowledge Driven Agricultural Development –Management of Change, 24-26 march .p34           


18.      Usha Rani, P.K.Saraswat and G.S Jodha (2005)”Analysis of growth trends for sesame in different districts of western Rajasthan-A temporal and spatial Study” proceedings of National seminar on strategies for enhancing production and export of Sesame and Niger from April 7-8, 2005


19.      Usha Rani Ahuja, P.S Shekhawat, Dhanpat Suthar, P.K.Saraswat and G.S Jodha (2005) “Yield gaps and constraints in the production of Moong and Moth bean in Arid Rajasthan” Journal of Arid Legumes 2(2):279-281


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22.      A.S. Saini, K.D. Sharma, R.K. Khatkar, K.S. Chandel, A.K. Chaubey and Usha Rani(2002) Natural Resource Management and Technological awareness for sustainable Agriculture – A Cross sectional Analysis of stressed Areas Agricultural Situation in India, Vol. 59(2) pp 57-73