Ongoing Projects

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1. Performance and Impact Assessment of Agricultural Extension and Advisory Systems
(01-04- 2017 to 31-03-2020)

In the context of a pluralistic Extension and Advisory Service (EAS) provision in agriculture, the project aims to assess the performance of different EAS systems and tries to estimate its impact on farm yield/income. An attempt to analyze the effectiveness of modern tools such as Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in agricultural advisory service provision will also be undertaken as a part of the study.
Ms. Arathy Ashok Institute
2. A Study on Agro-Economics of Tobacco in India
(03- 08-2016 to 28-02- 2017)

India is the 3rd largest producer and 6th largest exporter of tobacco and in spite of the health hazards associated with the production, processing and consumption of tobacco, it had remained as a livelihood source for many farmers. This project tries to examine the present status of tobacco agronomics in India keeping in view of the health – livelihood tradeoff. It also attempts to evaluate the potential impacts of tobacco control measures on tobacco agronomics.
Dr. Usha Rani Ahuja Consultancy, WHO
3. Identifying Pathways of Socio-Economics and Socio- Personal Attributes and Study their Influence on Agricultural Performance across Different Agro- Ecosystems in India.
(03-08- 2016 to 31-03- 2017)

Income generation in agriculture depends on the level of technology adoption to a major extent which in turn is influenced by different socio-economic, socio-personal and agro-ecological factors. The role of socio-economic and demographic attributes of the farming population has not been given enough impetus while disseminating technologies and assessing their impacts. The study aims to enhance understanding of dynamics of rural settings and identify pathways for mapping socio-economic and socio- personal patterns in different agroecosystems.
Dr. Naveen Prakash Singh External, ICAR- Extramural
4. Evaluation of the benefits of the commodity futures market in the cotton ecosystem
(01-07-2016 to 31-01-2017)

The area under tobacco, some 0.25 percent of the total cropped area, has fluctuated irregularly over the past three decades. The area under tobacco appears to be strongly influenced by prices in the preceding year. As a result of increasing yields, production of tobacco rose from 362 000 tonnes in 1970/71 to 646 000 tonnes in 1997/98 .
Dr. Naveen Prakash Singh External MCX, Mumbai, Consultancy
5. Impact of ICT on Agricultural Education in India
(06-04-2016 to 31-03-2017)

Agricultural education in India is playing a pivotal role in equipping human resources for tackling the major challenges faced by agricultural sector. Recognizing the importance of ICT in higher education in agriculture, ICAR has been encouraging the development e resources which helps in gathering and sharing information in short time. The project aims to document different ICT resources used in agricultural education; to assess its impacts and to develop policies for enhanced utilization such tools in agricultural education.
Dr. Rajni Jain External, ICAR-Extramural
6. Institutional Innovations in Irrigation Water Management Systems for Enhancing Efficiency and Inclusiveness of Stakeholder in Northern India
(13-01-2016 to 13-04-2017)

TTechnical, institutional innovations, water policy and management reforms are important to improve the water use efficiency in agriculture to meet the growing food demand. India is increasingly resorting to water saving irrigation systems but there exists a heavy dependence on ground water for irrigation use. Though several innovative institutions in irrigation are emerging, many of them did not show encouraging results due to lack of legal framework, clear cut guidelines and operational procedure. In this context, the study is planned to assess the institutional innovations in irrigation water management, their constraints and remedial measures; assess the resource use efficiencies, equity and sustainability of emerged irrigation water management systems.
Dr. Subhash Chand External, ICAR-Extramural
7. Mainstreaming Adaption Policies in Development Planning to Enhancing Resilience of Indian Agriculture
(01-08-2015 to 31-03-2017)

In response to the growing awareness of potential adverse effects of climate change, there has been a significant increase in adaptation action in recent years. In spite of the development of large number of technologies and practices by National Agricultural Research System, the adoption level remains low due to various constraints faced by farmers. Agricultural development policy often lacks a plan of adaptation actions and they are scattered across various implementing agencies and actors indicating lack of coherence in climate adaptation policies. This project aims to review the existing climate adaptation policies, programmes and institutional mechanism; identify various barriers to adaptation strategies and from this prioritize the adaptation strategies and to suggest a framework for mainstreaming adaptation policies in development planning.
Dr. Naveen Prakash Singh External, NICRA
8. Assessment of Technical Efficiency and Research Productivity of Wheat in India
(01-08-2015 to 31-07-2017)

Wheat is the second largest food crop after rice and its demand has been increasing sue to several factors like increasing population, urbanization, changing life style and dietary pattern, increasing per capita income etc. Increase in supply is inevitable to meet the growing wheat demand and the present study aims to assess the sources of production growth in wheat through analyzing the production efficiency across major states. It also attempts to estimate the returns from public investment on wheat research as it is instrumental in determining the future investments in wheat R &D.
Dr. Kingsly Immanuelraj T Institute
9. Returns to Research Investment on Potato R & D in India
(01-07-2015 to 30-06-2016)

Potato is the fourth major food crop in India after rice, wheat and maize. India is the second largest producer of potato and a significant investment is made on potato R &D by the National Agricultural Research System. This project is a comprehensive effort to assess the economic returns to potato R & D investment in India.
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Rana Institute
10. Women Role in Agriculture and Gender Differential Perception of Trustworthiness
(01-01-15 to 30-06-2016)

Women play a significant and crucial role in agricultural and allied sectors, but it has been long ignored. The nature and extent of women’s involvement in agriculture vary across regions and different socio-economic factors also influence their role. Accurate information on gender disaggregated contribution to agricultural production is important in effective production planning and the project aims to document the gender specific roles in agriculture and to analyze the gender differential perception in trustworthiness among rural farm families of eastern India.
Dr. Usha Rani Ahuja Institute
11. Impact Assessment of Agricultural Research and Development
(01-01-2015 to 31-03-2017)

Over the time period, several innovations had been developed in the agricultural sector for better production, yield, quality produce besides diversification. Recently, with the rising concerns over public R & D investments, there has been an increasing emphasis on results, outcomes and actions of these innovations that have an impact on farming community. The project tries to evaluate the impact of both frontier and potential agricultural production technologies for proof based policy making and to strengthen the human resource capacity in this domain for quicker and better research outputs.
Dr. Shiv Kumar Network, ICAR-SSN
12. Regional Crop Planning for Improving Resource Use Efficiency and Sustainability
(01-07-2013 to 31-03-2017)

The ever increasing population and shrinking per capita land availability, warrant intensification of cropping in Indian agriculture. At the same time the rising pressure on natural resources, commercialization of production, higher use of energy and other purchased inputs for cultivation necessitates the optimum use of resources without price distortions. The project tries to do a regional performance comparison of different crops and cropping systems in terms of economic prices and natural resource use for gaining insight into suitability of various crops in different regions. It also tries to prepare an optimal land allocation plan to different crops across regions for sustainable agricultural production and better resource use efficiency
Dr. Rajni Jain Network, ICAR-SSN
13. National Agricultural Innovation Fund
(01-04-2013 to 31-03-2017)

The study includes patent analysis on different aspects of agricultural R&D in India vis-à-vis global level including study on performance in relation to varietal registration process under first decade of service at PPV&FRA. Aeroponics technology for seed-potato production to ensure quality seed in the country along with SWOT analysis of its commercialization process will also be done. Intellectual input will be provided in the process of price fixation of ICAR's IPR protected technologies at other institutes. Quantum of publications by different ICAR institutes and SAUs will be analyzed.
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Rana ICAR, IPR & TM
14. Network Project on Market Intelligence
(01-04-2013 to 31-03-2017)

In recent years, agricultural commodity prices have suffered from very high volatility and spatial variability which has increased the risk faced by farming community. The interplay of supply and demand of the commodity determines the prevailing price and the socio-economic and policy factors of the region also influences the same. This study aims to generate logical and scientific price forecasts for major agricultural commodities and to disseminate it among the farmers in different parts of the country. It can help in informed and intelligent decision making by farmers and will also help in strengthening marketing infrastructure and support marketing decisions of stakeholders.
Dr. Raka Saxena Network, ICAR-SSN
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