• Agricultural economics and policy research on markets, trade and institutions
  • Growth and development models for sustainable agriculture
  • Technology policy, evaluation and impact assessment


  • Leveraging Innovations for Attaining Efficient, Inclusive and Eco-friendly Agricultural Growth through Agricultural Economics and Policy Research



  • To strengthen agricultural economics research for providing economicallyviable, socially-acceptable and environmentally-feasible policy options for science-led agricultural growth


    Undertake and promote agricultural policy research, training and policy interfacing programs focusing on:

    1. Policy studies on contemporary agricultural development issues through in-house, collaborative and consultancy research
      • R&D policy and technology management
      • Natural resource and environmental economics
      • Agricultural development, markets and trade

    2. Strengthening agricultural economics and policy research
      • Capacity development by facilitation, networking and dissemination of information
      • Training programs and collaborative research
      • Enhancing ICAR participation in policy decisions through policy dialogue and institutional linkages

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