Policy Briefs

S.No. Title Author Year Download
1. Is Indian Agriculture Becoming Resilient to Droughts? Evidence from Rice Production
NIAP Policy Brief No.41
Pratap S Birthal, Digvijay S Negi, Md Tajuddin Khan and Shaily Agarwal2015
2. Changing Structure of Rural Labour Market: Trends, Drivers and Implications for Agriculture
NIAP Policy Brief No.40
Ramesh Chand and S.K. Srivastava2014
3. Buffer Stock Norms for Foodgrains during Twelfth Five Year Plan
NIAP Policy Brief No.39
Ramesh Chand and P.S. Birthal 2014
4. Food Security and Undernourishment in India:Assessment of Alternative Norms
and the Income Effect
NIAP Policy Brief No.38
Ramesh Chand and Jaya Jumrani 2013
5. Maneuvering Technology for Surplus Extraction: The Case of BT Cotton in India
NIAP Policy Brief No.37
P Ramasundaram, Suresh A Kurup and Ramesh Chand2013
6. Biofuels in India: Future Challenges
NIAP Policy Brief No.36
P. Shinoj, S.S. Raju, Ramesh Chand,
Praduman Kumar and Siwa Msangi
7. Managing Food Inflation in India: Reforms and Policy Options
NIAP Policy Brief No.35
Ramesh Chand, P. Shinoj, Ashok Gulati, Kavery Ganguly2011
8. Economics Benefits of Bt Brinjal - An Ex- Ante Assessment
NIAP Policy Brief No.34
Sant Kumar, P.A. Lakshmi Prasanna
and Shwetal Wankhade*
9. Economics Benefits of Bt Brinjal - An Ex- Ante Assessment
NIAP Policy Brief No.34
Sant Kumar, P.A. Lakshmi Prasanna
and Shwetal Wankhade* (in Hindi)
10. The Seeds Bill, 2010- A Critical Appraisal
NIAP Policy Brief No.33
Harbir Singh and Ramesh Chand2010
11. Agriculture and Regional Disparities in India
NIAP Policy Brief No.32
Pratap S Birthal and P K Joshi2009
12. Problems and Progress in Agricultural Insurance in India
NIAP Policy Brief No.31
Raju, S.S. and Ramesh Chand 2009
13. Conditions for the Success of Contract Farming in Smallholder Agriculture?
NIAP Policy Brief No.30
Birthal,P.S. and Shiv Kumar2009
14. India-ASEAN Trade in Agriculture: Retrospect and Prospect
NIAP Policy Brief No.29
15. Demand for Foodgrains During 11th Plan and Towards 2020
NIAP Policy Brief No.28
Ramesh Chand2009
16. Public Agricultural Research Investments: India in a Global Context
NIAP Policy Brief No.27
Beintema, Nienke, P Adhiguru, Parata S Birthal
and A K Bawa
17. Tackling Avian Influenza, an Emerging transboundary Disease
NIAP Policy Brief No.26
Ganesh Kumar, B, K.K.Datta2008
18. Agricultural Development in North-East India Challenges and Opportunities
NIAP Policy Brief No.25
19. High-value Agriculture for Accelerated and Equitable Growth
NIAP Policy Brief No.24
Birthal,P.S, and Joshi,P.K.2006
20. Post WTO Agriculture Trade and Agenda for Negotiations on Agriculture
NIAP Policy Brief No.23
21. Impact of Agricultural Research in India: Is it Decelerating?
NIAP Policy Brief No.22
Pal,Suresh, Prasoon Mathur and A K Jha2005
22. Institutional Learning and Change: A Review of Concepts and Principles
NIAP Policy Brief No.21
Hall,Andy, Rajeswari Raina, Rasheed Sulaiman V.,
Guru Naik, Norman Clark and Shambu Prasad
23. Agricultural Growth During the Reforms and Liberalization: Issues and Concerns
NIAP Policy Brief No.20
Chand, Ramesh2004
24. Irrigation Equity: Impacts, Sources and Strategies
NIAP Policy Brief No.19
Selvarajan,S. and B.C. Roy2004
25. Institutional Innovation for Using Information and Communication Technology in Agriculture
NIAP Policy Brief No.18
Adhiguru,P. and Mruthyunjaya2004
26. Towards Extension-plus Opportunities and Challenges
NIAP Policy Brief No.17
Sulaiman V.,Rasheed and Andy Hall2003
27. Beyond Technology Dissemination-Can Indian Agricultural Extension Re-invent itself?
NIAP Policy Brief No.16
Sulaiman V.,Rasheed and Andy Hall2002
28. Sustaining India's Irrigation Infrastructure
NIAP Policy Brief No.15
29. Subsidies and Support in World Agriculture: Is WTO Providing Level Playing Field?
NIAP Policy Brief No.14
Chand,Ramesh and Linu Mathew Phillip2001
30. Coping with New Policy Agenda for Agricultural Research:
The Role of Institutional Innovation
NIAP Policy Brief No.13
Andy Hall, Norman Clark and Rasheed Sulaiman V.2000
31. Improving Competitive Agricultural Research Funding in India
NIAP Policy Brief No.12
Gill,Gerard J, Diana Carney and Suresh Pal2000
32. Plant Variety Protection Technology: Lessons from a Cross Country Perspective
NIAP Policy Brief No.11
Ravishankar,A. and Sunil Archak2000
33. IPRs and Agricultural Technology: Interpaly and Implications for India
NIAP Policy Brief No.10
Ravishankar,A. and Sunil Archak2000
34. Agricultural Extensions in India-The Next Step
NIAP Policy Brief No.9
Sulaiman V.,Rasheed and A.W. van den Ban2000
35. Are Disparities in Indian Agriculture Growing?
NIAP Policy Brief No.8
Ramesh Chand and Sonia Chauhan1999
36. Livestock Sector in India: Agenda for the Future
NIAP Policy Brief No.7
Ravishankar,A.,Pratap S. Birthal1999
37. On the New Agricultural Policy
NIAP Policy Brief No.6
38. Strengthening Research and Extension for Rainfed Farming:
Role of Social Science and Institutional Factors
NIAP Policy Brief No.5
Farrington,John, Rasheed Sulaiman V. and Suresh Pal1997
39. Intellectual Property Rights and Indian Agriculture: Some Issues
NIAP Policy Brief No.4
40. Funding Agricultural Research
NIAP Policy Brief No.3
Pal,Suresh and Dayanatha Jha1996
41. Privatising Farm Extension - Need for a Cautious Approach
NIAP Policy Brief No.2
Sulaiman. V,Rasheed1995
42. Privatising Agricultural Research
NIAP Policy Brief No.1
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