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1. Economic Impact of ICAR Research
Sant Kumar and Suresh Pal
1. भारतीय कृषि अनुसंधान परिषद् की प्रमुख तकनीकियो का आर्थिक प्रभाव
Sant Kumar and Suresh Pal
2. Indian Agriculture and The Lockdown: Options to Reduce the Impact
N P Singh, Raka Saxena, Purushottam Sharma, Shivendra Srivastava, Jaya Jumrani, Balaji SJ, Kingsly I, A Jhajharia, Ankita Kandpal, Suresh Pal
3. Carbon Trading Mechanism and Opportunities.
NIAP PME Note No.17, published by Director,NIAP.
4. Raising Wheat Production by Addressing Supply-Side Constraints in India.
NIAP PME Note No.16, published by Director,NIAP.
5. Strategic Conversation on Agricultural R & D Policy.
NIAP PME Note No.15, published by Director,NIAP.
6. Impact Assessment of Agricultural Technology from Simple Efficiency Analysis to Sustainable Livelihood Framework.
NIAP PME Note No.14, published by Director,NIAP.
7. Convergence of the Macro and Micro-level Priorities for Agricultural Research.
NIAP PME Note No.13,published by Director,NIAP.
8. Impact Assessment of Agricultural Research: Concept and Measurement.
NIAP PME Note No.12, published by Director,NIAP.
9. Prioritization of Production Constraints: Concepts and Methods.
NIAP PME Note No.11, published by Director,NIAP.
10. Resource Allocation in Agricultural Research using Mathematical Programming.
NIAP PME Note No.10, published by Director,NIAP.
11. Impact Assessment of New Research Processes under NATP.
NIAP PME Note No.9, published by Director,NIAP.
12. Competitive Grant Program of the NATP.
NIAP PME Note No.8, published by Director,NIAP.
13. The New Glossary of Agricultural Research.
NIAP PME Note No.7, published by Director,NIAP.
12. Delineation and Characterization of Agro-ecoregions.
NIAP PME Note No.6, published by Director,NIAP.
13. Research Priority Setting, Monitoring and Evaluation under NATP.
NIAP PME Note No.5, published by Director,NIAP.
14. How Trade Policies Affect Agriculture Research?
NIAP PME Note No.4, published by Director,NIAP.
15. Prioritization of Production System Research.
NIAP PME Note No.3, published by Director,NIAP.
16. Prioritization in Agricultural Research.
NIAP PME Note No.2, published by Director,NIAP.
17. The New Paradigm for Agricultural Research.
NIAP PME Note No.1, published by Director,NIAP.
18. Manual on Methodological Approach for Developing Regional Crop Plan,
Rajni Jain, S.S.Raju, Kingsly, S.K.Srivastava, AmritPal Kaur and Jaspal Singh, 2015
19. Priority setting, Monitoring & Evaluation in Agricultural Research,
Pal, Suresh and P.K. Joshi, 2000
20. Research Publication
21. Strategies and Options for Increasing and Sustaining Fisheries and Aquaculture Production to Benefit Poor Strategies
and Options for Increasing and Sustaining Fisheries and Aquaculture Production to Benefit Poor Households in India,
Dr Mruthyunjaya, 2004
22. Profile of NIAP
23. Cafeteria for Women in Agriculture,
Rasheed Sulaiman V, Tahseen Jafry, M S Ashok, 2003
24. Institutional Change in Indian Agriculture,
Pal, Suresh, Mruthyunjaya, P. K. Joshi, Raka Saxena, 2003
25. Exploring Possibilities of Achieving Four Percent Growth Rate in Indian Agriculture ,
Chand, Ramesh, 2005
26. Impact of Agricultural Research: Post Green-Revolution Evidence from India,
Joshi,P.K.,Suresh Pal,P.S.Birthal and M.C.S.Bantilan
27. Institutional Innovation: A Driver for Rural Prosperity,
Barah,B.C., 2006
28. NIAP Vision 2025 Perspective Plan,
Pal, Suresh, P.K.Joshi, 2007
29. Innovations in Rural Institutions:Driver for Agricultural Prosperity,
Barah B.C,R.K.Singh,Punjab Singh, 2008
30. Instability in Indian Agriculture during Different Phases of Technology and Policy,
Chand, Ramesh, S.S.Raju
31. Fertiliser Growth,Imbalances and Subsidies:Trends and Implications,
Chand, Ramesh, L.M.Pandey, 2008
32. IAASTD Leaflet
33. Agricultural Insurance in India Problems and Prospects,
Raju, S.S and Ramesh Chand, 2008
34. Exploring Market Opportunities for Fisheries Sector in India.,
Ganesh Kumar, B, 2008
35. Instability in Indian Agriculture During Different Phases of Technology and Policy,
Chand, Ramesh and S S Raju, 2009
36. Dealing with Effects of Monsoon Failures,
Chand, Ramesh and S S Raju, 2009
37. Contract Farming in India:A Resource Book,
Edited by-Ashok Gulati, P.K.Joshi,and Maurice Landes
38. FOODGRAIN STOCK REQUIREMENT During Twelfth five- year plan,
Ramesh Chand,Pratap S Birthal, September 2011
39. Estimation of Marketing Efficiency of Horticultural Commodities Under Different Supply Chains in India,
Dr.M.B Dastagiri
40. Rice Biblography
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