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About us


1. Agricultural economics and policy research on markets, trade and institutions

2. Growth and development models for sustainable agriculture

3. Technology policy, evaluation and impact assessment


Leveraging Innovations for Attaining Efficient, Inclusive and Eco-friendly Agricultural Growth through Agricultural Economics and Policy Research


To strengthen agricultural economics research for providing economicallyviable, socially-acceptable and environmentally-feasible policy options for science-led agricultural growth.


Design and implement agriculture policy research, training and policy interfacing programs focusing on

A.  Research Policy studies on contemporary agricultural R&D issues own, collaborative, consultancy Modeling

B.  Strengthening agricultural economics and policy research
    (i)  Capacity development by - Facilitation, networking and dissemination of information
    (ii)  Training

- R&D policy and technology management
- Environmental economics
- Agricultural development and trade policy

    (iii)  Collaborative research
    (iv)  Promote learning from experience

C.  Enhancing ICAR participation in policy decisions
   (i) Policy dialogue
   (ii) Developing institutional linkages
   (iii) Publications in English and Hindi