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Theme Areas of Research

Technology policy

Agricultural R&D policies, decision support system for research priority setting and impact assessment, role of technology in meeting challenges of poverty, sustainability and globalization of agriculture.

Sustainable agricultural systems

Alternate development pathways in crops, cropping systems, agricultural typologies, nutrient management by ecosystems, sustainability status, trends and dimensions in natural resource management.

Markets and trade

Trade prospects and competitiveness of Indian agriculture in post WTO period; Government intervention in food grain markets; demand and supply projections for livestock products, problems and issues in marketing of perishable products.

Institutional change

Tenancy reforms, linkages in seed industry, institutional reforms in irrigation, public private partnerships in research and extension, role of NGOs, evaluation of self-help groups in credit delivery.

Agricultural growth and modeling

Sector, region and commodity outlook, socio-economic dynamics and growth pattern, diversification and sustainability aspects, supply response in various sectors through agricultural modeling, sources of growth in Indian agriculture.